Kutcher-Bieber Buddy Comedy Forthcoming

March 31, 2011


It was fairly inevitable Justin Bieber would be given his awkward shot at movie stardom, but I don't think any of us could have predicted just how convoluted that attempt would end up being. That is, unless you already imagined the eventual Bieber movie as a buddy comedy about him hanging out with literally a 30-something version of himself--as played by the non-literal 30-something version of himself, Ashton Kutcher--because that's apparently what it's going to be. The film, titled What Would Kenny Do?, has reportedly been quietly developing for months, with Biebs attached to play a 17-year-old being counseled, somehow, by his future self--fellow coolguy hat-wearer Ashton Kutcher. What an exciting premise for anyone with a comforter drowning in stuffed animals!

Honestly, is this a punk'ding, guys? Because I'm really not sure such a cruel mutation of the the future-self-and-me trope should really be considered for something as casual as a punk'ding.

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