Magic Douche Pill Movie Wins Weekend Box Office

March 21, 2011


Your weekend top five:

1. Limitless - $19 million. It turns out Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy could have fared better financially as a rap video imagery-based thriller with fewer references to gay dads.

2. Rango - $15.3 million, holding on to the second position for its second straight week. Way to go, Rango.

3. Battle: Los Angeles - $14.6 million, failing to attract families both due to its PG-13 rating and because of fears from older children that the "aliens invading California" premise might invite their conservative parents into another alarmingly racist conversation about immigration.

4. The Lincoln Lawyer - $13.4 million. Lionsgate is fine that not that many people wanted to see Matthew McConaughey run a law practice out of a car. But, for future reference, they would like to know what business you would pay to see Matthew McConaughey run from a car.

5. Paul - $13.2 million. This lackluster showing is why no one is bothering with targeting the nerd demographics, nerds. Wait, never mind, The Hobbit just started shooting.

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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