Malin Akerman Subjected to Nicolas Cage Action-Thriller

March 1, 2011


Following up Nicolas Cage's granddaughter-saving role in Drive Angry 3-D (or "daughter's baby"-saving , as the film more often said to thinly veil the Nic Cage-is-a-grandpa implications), the acting world's most resilient cockroach will next be filling a daughter-saving role in Simon West's Medallion, and we've now found the film's female lead in Malin Akerman. In a casting choice that this time will not reflect that Cage is old enough to have a kid older than his wife, Malin Akerman will not play the daughter but the former girlfriend of Cage, an unusually-Swedish-model-looking bank robber that agrees to help our hero find his kidnapped child, who's been locked in the trunk of a NYC taxi (or "New York medallion taxi cab," as one says when they're trying to convey the meaning of the film's title). If she accepts the role, expect Akerman to expand her acting range with numerous scenes involving chasing down cabs and frustratedly searching their contents, then wistfully gazing beyond the freshly-slammed trunk and at her former lover, as if she remembers a time when it would have been perfectly believable that she would be dating Nicolas Cage.

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