'The Hangover, Part II' Poster Continues Themes of Regrettable Head Modifications, Utter Despair

March 29, 2011


Still no indications of forgotten misfortune beyond the already-known head shaving, Tyson tattoo, and acquisition of a monkey familiar, but here's reaffirmation of those elements in the form of the first poster for the Hangover sequel.

You know, as much as I and the rest of Bloggoworld complain about franchises being stretched well beyond their natural sequel potential (Saw being the gentleman that most readily takes a prideful bow at that description), this is one series I would kind of like to see drawn out over the next twenty years, with a complex, compounding narrative building upon itself and, like the Leprechaun and Friday the 13th series, eventually ending up in space.

"Waiiit... why is Ed Helms a werewolf, and Zach Galifianakis composed of only a paint-smeared torso?"

"Did you not see Part VI?"

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