'Things Fall Apart' Trailer: Ray Liotta's Career Among Things Falling Apart

March 9, 2011


Are you ready to see 50 Cent in what this trailer calls "the most critically-acclaimed role of his career" (even better than his self-directed acting in Before I Self Destruct, apparently, despite critics not actually acclaiming this yet)? Then absorb this trailer for Things Fall Apart, a schlocky, would-be inspirational melodrama about a rising football player stricken with cancer. 50 Cent reportedly lost over 50 pounds to film the movie's later scenes, and co-wrote the script based on the tragic story of his real-life former neighbor--all of which will make you feel worse about asking, "Is this for fucking real?" (It is, except for 50's Doug E. Doug wig.)

Wow. Professional nadirs awarded to all involved.

(via Movieline)

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