'Thor' Might Co-Star Moses, and More

March 16, 2011


- Some new Thor photos here. See the beards before the theater.

- In this might be awesome if Charlie Kaufman wrote it news, Columbia has acquired screen rights to Joshua Foer's Moonwalking With Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything, a book that functions as both a memory improvement how-to and memoir of competing in the U.S. Memory Championship. Wouldn't that be awesome if Charlie Kaufman wrote it?

- The delayed production of Men in Black III has lost Alec Baldwin, with the actor claiming "the schedule didn't work out," which is the nicest thing you can really say after you realize how little you want to be in the belated third Men in Black movie.

- Netflix will begin streaming original programming now, beginning the new David Fincher-produced/directed, Kevin Spacey-starring drama House of Cards. WELCOME TO THE FUTURE.

- Drew Barrymore is returning to the director's chair for How To Be Single, an ensemble romantic-comedy in the style of and from the writers of He's Just Not That Into You. I wonder what that will be like.

- Sam Worthington has signed to star in the Australian surfing film Drift, which a producer says could be "the first character-driven action movie set in the surfing world since Kathryn Bigelow's Point Break." As if Shia LaBeouf's penguin character in Surf's Up didn't drive the film.

- Lionsgate has made a deal with Janet Jackson's jdj Entertainment "to select, develop, and produce a motion picture," finally closing the gap between our brains and ideas for movies Janet Jackson has.

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