Warner Giving That Justice League Movie Another Stab

March 29, 2011


This week, Jeff Robinov takes over as Warner Bros. film president--the man most responsible for deciding what movies get made at the studio--and already he's riling up the ever-excitable nerd demographic. His first order of business? Get that Justice League movie going again.

While Disney-Marvel has been loudly prepping its main superhero cast for an eventual team-up in The Avengers, Warner has been having naptime on their DC supergroup equivalent--the Justice League--since canceling the project a couple years ago. Robinov's plan is to restart work on that film and work in the opposite direction as Marvel, throwing all their potential superhero film stars into one pot and seeing which ingredients sell the most branded back-to-school supplies--then spinning those characters off into their own Flash movies, Wonder Woman movies (assuming this photo didn't already sour everyone from ever seeing a live-action Wonder Woman again), etc.

Though Christopher Nolan's trilogy of Batman films ends with with The Dark Knight Rises, the plan is to keep him and wife Emma Thomas on as producers to help shepherd in a new generation of dark, gritty superheroes, including a "reinvent[ed] Batman"--and if they go in the direction George Miller was headed with his scrapped attempt, that probably means a younger Batman, his growl still peppy with the optimism of youth. And considering Robinov is also the man "credited with persuading [Nolan] to put a Batmobile in Batman Begins despite the movie's ultra-realistic tone," that probably also means so many potential toy vehicles. Hey, maybe we get Superman's Supermobile back! I always liked my Superman action figure to have at least the option for more pedestrian flight.

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