We're Putting 'True Grit' Girl in a Sleeping Beauty Movie

March 30, 2011


With multiple adaptations of Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, Hansel & Gretel and other royalty-free stories I'm surely forgetting all in the works at various studios, screenwriter Lindsay Devlin has taken on the unenviable task of making sure we aren't left with but one lonely Sleeping Beauty adaptation, having written a new take on the story that already has True Grit's Academy Award-nominated Hailee Steinfeld attached to star. Described as a "revisionist" take, in this update, the story largely takes place within the comatose Sleeping Beauty's dream world--because, hey, remember how rad Inception was, with the dream worlds and all that? This might be like that! But also with fairy tale shit! That's probably what potential buyers will be thinking when one of them inevitably buys this package. Either that or, "Fuck it, might as well. It's either this or Zombie Cinderella."

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