Winkler; Howard; 'MiB3' Rewrites; a Pretty, Pretty Princess; and Weinsteins Delivered Candy-Coated Chocolate Lawsuit

March 2, 2011

- The troubled Men in Black III script has been sent over to screenwriter David Koepp, who can hopefully sort out why the character ages don't really make sense.

- Bryce Dallas Howard looks to be following in her father's footsteps, and will make her directorial debut with The Originals. She's also going bald. (via)

- Speaking of the Happy Days cast (segue!), Paul Blart's movie about a teacher becoming an MMA fighter, Here Comes the Boom, has added Henry Winkler to the cast. His role isn't mentioned, but zany trainer sounds about right.

- Eleanor Tomlinson will play the princess in Jack the Giant Killer, meaning her character can float furthest when jumping.

- Just a month after their last lawsuit, the Weinsteins have again been hit with a lawsuit, this time alleging misconduct in Tony Leech and Brian Inerfeld's removal from the animated Escape from Planet Earth. It also alleges diabetic Harvey Weinstein got on his hands and knees and ate M&Ms off the floor, because this is an even funnier lawsuit than Kung Fu Panda v. Furry Artist. (via)

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