The Green Lantern Has Friends, and More

April 28, 2011


- MTV had this nice photo of Green Lantern and all his clubhouse friends.

- Chris Evans has confirmed he has a modernized outfit for his present-day heroism in The Avengers. Is it the Old Navy shirt, Chris?

- Dimension films has purchased the sci-fi thriller spec script The Greys from Adam Cohen with an eye on F. Javier Gutierrez to direct. The plot is still being kept secret, but yeah, aliens again.

- The writers of 500 Days of Summer have taken full advantage of Royal Wedding Fever and made a seven-figure deal for a pitch about a midwestern girl who ends up marrying the prince of England. Deadline says it's being described as "Notting Hill meets Meet the Royal Parents," which I guess sounds better than "just The Prince and Me again."

- In a move that will raise high-concept to stratospheric heights, Gotham Group has optioned film rights to R.L. Stine's It's the First Day of School... Forever! Finally, a Groundhog Day about figuring out where to sit.

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