Mandy Moore's Gettin' Married, Guys! Plus: Gold! And More!

April 13, 2011


- There's also a trailer to go along with this poster, but it sort of seemed superfluous after this image summed it all up so well.

- Adding to a cast that already has Alec Baldwin, Jesse Eisenberg, and Penelope Cruz, Woody Allen's next, Rome-based film will reportedly also include Ellen Page. Considering Eisenberg will clearly play young, hyperneurotic Woody, and Baldwin will likely embody the latter half of Woody's insatiable hunger for May-December lust, Page is probably... Ladywoody?

- Adam Shankman has revealed that Russell Brand will play Lonny in the upcoming feature version of Rock of Ages. The director goes on to tease a mullet in Brand's future, even though America has made clear that all we want to see Brand in is an impenetrable layer of computer-generated fur.

- Michael Mann has his eye on directing Gold, a film described as "a contemporary Treasure of the Sierra Madre-type treasure hunt about prospectors and speculators involved in the chase for gold." Sounds like a Will Ferrell vehicle to me. And to Ol' Gus Chiggins.

- Hugh Laurie will play eccentric teacher Mr. Watts in Andrew Adamson's adaptation of Mr. Pip, which involves a 14-year-old girl "who imagines [the Great Expectations] character Pip into real-life to help her endure the hardships of her own life." What a fun, literary exploration of dissociative hallucinations that will be!

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