'What's Your Number?' Trailer Makes Sure to Hit Most Every Rom-Com Trope

April 26, 2011


What an exquisitely-painted cheap hotel painting this What's Your Number? is! So thick with potential, yet so content in its mundanity it's doomed to be viewed mostly by tourist families and as seen in the background as people fuck.

Anna Faris stars--in her standard charming though perpetually half-drunk state--as a woman who's decided the best way to approach the classic ladygoal of getting married is to heed the warning of a Cosmopolitan-esque magazine that claims sleeping with more than twenty dudes means you'll probably never find a husband. Because, wouldn't you know it, there are roughly a score of men going around bragging that they nailed the girl from Scary Movie! Ut oh, Anna!

Only one thing to do now: recruit your douchebag neighbor Chris Evans to help you with the painful, post-STD-diagnosis-like task of revisiting all your exes--most of whom happen to be respectable acting/comedy presences in their own rights. I think I see where this is going! Still, I almost have to this credit for being so servile to the genre. Knowing from the outset that Anna Faris is inevitably going to end up with Evans really frees the mind to appreciate all the times someone made sure to include a sweet guitar in shots with Captain America.

It's nice they put so much fancy mustard on this bologna sandwich, but it's still a bologna sandwich.

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