Alyson Hannigan Not Above Doing Another 'American Pie' Movie, Either

April 12, 2011


We've got Jason Biggs and Seann William Scott signed, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Tara Reid, Chris Klein, Mena Suvari, and Jennifer Coolidge were in talks a month ago, and Eugene Levy, of course, has a faustian pact whereby appearing on American Pie DVD covers rids him of the shame of his between-Christopher Guest movie transgressions. But if we're going to truly have the American Reunion the latest American Pie sequel sorrowfully promises, we're going to need one more piece of this largely stagnant puzzle: the band camp girl.

Thankfully, she's totally up for it. Alyson Hannigan, who now has a steady job on the massively-popular CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother, has decided it's still worth going back to that exhausted franchise, signing on to the Universal comedy yesterday. Good thing, too, because the story reportedly focuses on her and Jason Biggs having a kid now. The boy fucking a dessert, caught by his father, has become the father catching the boy fucking the dessert, and so on.

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