Another 'X-Men: First Class' Trailer: More Politics, More Romance, More CGI Projectiles

April 27, 2011


Looks like the computer chips working on finishing up the X-Men: First Class graphics got a lot done over the weekend, and all their diligent processing has been assembled into a new trailer for the film. Stuffed with noticeably more effects shots than previous trailers, it does do a pretty good job at filling in some of the holes between straining, "look how hard I'm doing/reacting to something that will later be filled in with CGI" faces, but it's still probably not different enough to win over anyone who wasn't convinced by the earlier previews. Unless you really want to see a climactic battle between mutantkind and missilekind, that is, because it sure looks like this X-Men team is going to mess up some missiles proper.

Note the above still under the play button (or the 1:10 mark) for evidence that Jennifer Lawrence is becoming Jennifer Coolidge, and for a peek at a black guy that is apparently in this though seemingly just to look concerned for a moment. The X-Men message of equal rights and non-discrimination doesn't apply to divvying out screen time.

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