Antje Traue Also Fighting Superman

April 27, 2011


Don't worry, Michael Shannon, you won't be alone out there in your fight against Superman. According to Variety, aiding The Man of Steel's General Zod in his war on truth/justice/Americana will be Antje Traue, a German actress last seen in Pandorum. She'll be playing Faora, the supposed basis of Superman II's Ursa and a character that shown up in multiple, varied incarnations. One Faora was a Kryptonian man-hater, whose skill at pressure-point martial arts made her a formidable opponent to any who tried to force her into a patriarchy, but the article seems to think she'll be playing a latter Faora--an orphaned metahuman from the fictional country of Pokolistanian who aided the General using her power to disrupt molecular bonds. Either way, best watch your "Zod's rod" jokes from here out, Zod.

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