Armie Hammer the Lone Ranger Now?

April 28, 2011


With Ryan Gosling now seemingly out of the running, it's looking like the Winklevoss twins might be who gets the honor of receiving second-billing as a title character, with Variety reporting The Social Network's Armie Hammer is in early talks to play the Lone Ranger opposite Johnny Depp's Tonto in Gore Verbinski's third Depp-fueled franchise starter. If he gets it, it's a meaty role that will make Hammer a known name (assuming his princely role in one of the upcoming Snow Whites doesn't already) and gives the combination of Aryan good looks and an authoritative bro-voice yet another defining victory in success-making. Congratulations, Armie. Your dad's Volvo dealership's loss is the acting world's gain.

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