Ben Stiller Doing 'Secret Life of Walter Mitty', Heavily Suggests Certain Director

April 8, 2011


Being a normal guy around which fantastical, CGI-aided shit goes bonkers (in a museum) has done pretty well for Ben Stiller in recent years, so, of course, you have to imagine he wants to go back and make some more bank off that world. But he's also seemingly smart enough to know not to completely drain that Night at the Museum well just yet--best save Return to the Museum for another decade, when he can pass his flashlight and shocked expression on to a young apprentice--so Stiller has found a new outlet for his family-friendly shenanigans: putting his face on Fox's stagnant remake of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

Hollywood has been working at redoing the 1947 comedy--about a milquetoast who escapes into elaborate, heroic daydreams--for years, and had loose interest from Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, and Sacha Baron Cohen to star at various points. The script being passed around was so incredibly bad, though, that all of them eventually dropped it--which says a lot when you think of some of the shit those guys were completely fine with doing for a paycheck. Stiller's sudden eagerness, however, is not solely due to a complete loss of standards after Little Fockers. A completely new take on the story from The Pursuit of Happyness writer Steve Conrad is said to be what's sparked the interest, and now, Deadline reports, "Fox will move quickly to lock in a cinematic director who can mix action with a PG rating." Which is basically like spelling-out "bone" so that Shawn Levy the Dog doesn't hear and get so excited he ruins the carpet before you can give it to him.

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