Check Out the Tootsies on Green Lantern!

April 12, 2011


Of all the points of contention I could see coming up with Martin Campbell's Green Lantern, I never once thought the costume's toe definition could ever possibly be an issue. Yet here we are, with what I think is our first clear full-body shots of Ryan Reynolds' complete CGI costume, and how can you not just stare at these bizarre, semi-defined digits? Seriously, are they supposed to be like those terrible barefoot running shoes? Are they just a cover-up for using the gym shower? Can he fit, like, a finger between his toes, or is it more of a grossly ill-conceived foot mitten? Is that idea that we're so distracted by them that we never even work our way up to the hazy suggestion of a belt? The movie better answer at least a couple of these questions.


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