'Crazy, Stupid, Love' Trailer: Our Whitest 'Hitch' Yet!

April 6, 2011


Looks like someone must have been mad that Hitch was still able to be modestly enjoyed by non-caucasians, so they decided to whiten this thing up both literally and thematically with Crazy, Stupid, Love. Now we've got a Bowflex ad-style Ryan Gosling as the suave eternal bachelor helping a recently-separated schlub (Steve Carell) shape up and get back in the game (male makeover scenes are apparently becoming a stock montage in Steve Carell comedies). But does Steve Carell really want back in the dating pool, or does he just need the confidence to win true love Julianne Moore back from Kevin Bacon? And while Ryan Gosling knows how to talk a woman into accepting his Goslinghood, will he know how to handle his own true love in Emma Stone? And is this whole thing just a piece of redhead propaganda to convince us gingers are lovable or what? These answers and other obvious plot points revealed ahead.

And what a fun, attainable, attractive middle-ager Marisa Tomei is once again! Those little girls in Just For Men commercials must be so happy to finally have a face to go with the woman they imagine their dad is on his date with.

[UPDATE: Looks like it was removed from both iTunes and YouTube for now.]

[UPDATE 2: OK, back up now.]

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