'Dark Knight Rises' Taking Batman to India

April 27, 2011


While Pittsburgh will be doing most of the standing in for Gotham in Batman's latest screen outing, it seems Christopher Nolan and Co. will be taking in some of the beautiful and/or depressing sights of India as well. The Daily Bhaskar (via) reports:

Get set to welcome DC Comics superhero Batman as he arrives in the Blue City.

The Information and Broadcasting Ministry has given the nod to US-based Cape Road Productions to shoot the next Batman flick, 'The Dark Knight Rises' in Jodhpur.

Now, this little setting revelation might not mean anything particularly relevant at all to the story. But on the other hand, in the interest of rumormongering, when I hear Batman and exotic, Indiana Jonesy locales, I sure think of Talia al Ghul. You think the official claim that Marion Cotillard is playing some board member might be a whopper to keep nerds off the scent? It sure might be! Or maybe Bruce Wayne is just going to be placed at the center of a hilarious call center filled with an eccentric cast of locals. Guess we'll have to wait and see. Still, though: something Indian will happen.

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