'Devil's Double' Trailer Narration Mercifully Never Says "Starring Dominic Cooper! ...And Dominic Cooper!"

April 26, 2011


Now forces have, temporarily, wrested actor replication technology from Eddie Murphy and his crew of simulated other Eddie Murphies, director Lee Tamahori has taken the opportunity to use it to double Dominic Cooper for The Devil's Double, a film that puts the up-and-coming big thing in the roles of both Saddam Hussein's son Uday and his reluctant body double. Tamahori's previous work on xXx: State of the Union makes dubious David Fincher's decision to pass our actor cloner on to him after The Social Network, but it looks like the risk may have paid off, with a final product that appears to do a pretty good job of producing the late '90s rap video-style inflated decadence that's all too appropriate for the self-indulgent subject at hand.


Now, I'm sorry, but Tyler Perry needs the thingie back so he can play both Madea and Madea's lawyer again.

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