Director Sidney Lumet Dies at 86

April 11, 2011


Some sad news from the weekend: legendary director Sidney Lumet died of lymphoma in his Manhattan home on Saturday. He was 86. His esteemed catalog included films like 12 Angry Men, Dog Day Afternoon, The Verdict, and Serpico, and though the Academy still wouldn't give him an directing award for even Network, he was finally given an honorary Oscar in 2005. He leaves with us a legacy of over 40 films--and that's take or leave The Wiz--his last being the 2007 crime drama Before the Devil Knows Your Dead. 12 Angry Men was also directly responsible for the creation of the 1995 Pauly Shore comedy Jury Duty, but let's not even worry about that.

If Lumet's full New York Times obituary leaves you wanting to hear more of his life, you should probably also read his book Making Movies, which gives some pretty interesting insight into the filmmaking process. Come on, read something.

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