"Entire Original Cast" Joining This New Terminator Thing

April 29, 2011


If you thought Schwarzenegger's plan to return to the crouched, nude state we found him in after Conan the Destroyer was something, wait until you hear this: apparently the whole cast is returning to the Terminator franchise. Latino Review has word from a supposedly legitimate source that the Justin Lin project is being shopped around as Terminator 2012, and it has not just Arnold but the "entire original cast" attached. Right now, it's not clear what exactly "entire original cast" means, but one would imagine Linda Hamilton, Michael Biehn... Bill Paxton and Friends' clothes? Something like that. Because after the last couple missteps, isn't it about time a Terminator film give you the "wow, look how old they got" feeling of a long-forgotten sitcom's made-for-television reunion movie?

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