'Hobbit' Will Have a Wealth of Frames, T. Hanks in 'Cloud Atlas', and More

April 12, 2011


- Just like the Avatars, The Hobbit films are being shot at 48 frames per second, and director Peter Jackson has taken to Facebook to both justify and praise the process. Curiously, he never addresses my suspicions about something I call "Frame Madness"...

- So you know how we figured NBC abandoned the ridiculous vinyl Wonder Woman costume they first revealed in favor of the newer, slightly less idiotic one spotted on the street? Turns out they're using BOTH of them--as well a third costume that includes shorts. Just one more time: "NBC promises the project, if picked up to series, will offer a serious, non-campy take on the DC Comics character."

- James McAvoy is in talks to star in Eran Creevy's thriller Welcome to the Punch, which I assume tells some sort of history of the invention of punching things.

- Joe Pesci has signed to be in that John Travolta-starring John Gotti movie, while Lindsay Lohan is in talks to play Victoria Gotti. TELL ME this won't affect her surefire Man of Steel part!

- Tom Hanks has signed to star in the Wachowskis-produced, Tom Tykwer-directed adaptation of Cloud Atlas, taking that project from something that could be kind of edgy to something you'll watch with your dad over a holiday visit.

- Rescue Me's Daniel Sunjata reportedly has "an important part" in The Dark Knight Rises. So probably Riddler.

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