'Immortals' Trailer Makes for Decent '300' Sequel

April 27, 2011


So often when a film's marketing boasts that it's "from the guys who brought you" or "from the producers of," the point is just to form a flimsy connection to a previously-successful product to which it bears little to no similarity. But in the case of Immortals, that's not the deal. This time when the poster proudly mentions it's "from the producers of 300," that's not just to unnecessarily let you in on its questionable pedigree; it's a beacon going out to all who have been lost without entertainment in the form of unabashedly green-screened, slow-motion Greek battles played out over an ab-caked landscape of underlying homoeroticism: hey, here's some more of that!

Fortunately, though, now that structure is filtered through director Tarsem Singh instead of Zack Snyder, giving it a painterly aesthetic that slightly less often drifts into the visual equivalent of shotgunning a beer. Plus, it stars our new Superman, Henry Cavill, and puts Mickey Rourke in a metal Pinsir costume. And there are laser arrows that are probably better than the ones Kid Icarus had in Captain N. Not better than the ones in Conquest, though. Those remain our best laser arrows forever.

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