James Franco Resilient Against Street Breasts, and More

April 1, 2011

- This Mark Ronson/Daniel Merriweather collaboration from the new Arthur soundtrack will not set the mood for lovemaking anywhere near as well as Christopher Cross's original theme did. What could, though?

- Look, Handmade Films International, I get the timeless appeal of time-travelling dwarves, but fuck you for wanting to remake Time Bandits as a family-friendly film.

- The street gang movie James Franco and Harmony Korine are working on for some reason involves Franco looking defiant in the face of naked honeys. [NSFW!]

- Let Me In's Chloe Moretz is going to be all vampirey again, this time for Tim Burton's Dark Shadows, and she's probably so young that she doesn't even realize how much he'd prefer a youthful Winona Ryder for the part.

- Cop-turned-writer Will Beal, who wrote the Gangster Squad movie everyone's so excited about, is in talks to write the Logan's Run remake. Perhaps, in the end, he'll really just be running from himself?

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