Jeff Foxworthy Might Be in a Movie

April 14, 2011


News from seemingly over a decade ago arrived today, with word red-hot redneck comedian Jeff Foxworthy will be given a shot on the big screen, making his on-screen film debut in the sports comedy Crackerjack. The film stars Wes Murphy as a southern slacker coping with the timeless universal struggle of managing both a relationship and a Church League softball team; Foxworthy--who provides a voice in The Smurfs but still must have given up on any hope of a real film career around the time his B-list syndicated game show gig made him a peer of Mark McGrath--has a supporting role as the Church League's hilarious announcer, because he's the Blue Collar Comedy-loving community's Fred Willard, apparently.

The comedy comes from first-time writer/director Bryan Coley, a stage director who--wait a minute... a former theatre director now making comedies keenly pandering to a very specific, less represented demographic? Oh no, there's a redneck Tyler Perry. Dread what this man may Git Done.

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