Jeremy Renner Dubbed New Sort-of Bourne

April 22, 2011


After an exhaustive search that included rattling off the names of pretty much every young actor in Hollywood (a list inclusive enough to note Paul Dano), and screen-testing the rest, Universal has decided on who next will carry the mantle of the Bourne franchise: Jeremy Renner. The gnomish actor--who's already fast on his way to becoming Every Non-Worthington Action Star, with parts in The Avengers and Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, and a part with the possible option of taking over the Mission: Impossible franchise--has been offered the lead in Tony Gilroy's The Bourne Legacy, the latest chapter of the Bourne saga, and, notably, the first to not star Matt Damon or anyone at all named Bourne. Renner's character is reportedly "an operative from a covert government program that is even more dangerous than the Treadstone brainwashing program that hatched Bourne," which I guess means he'll be an even more forgetful boy capable of pulling off even more impressive ways to call people while secretly looking at them through a window.

The question remains, even with the addition of Renner's considerable talent, if anyone is still really interested in seeing a highly-trained spy without a past running around dodging capture. Thankfully, we have an eager test subject who will surely cry out if the water is too hot or cold.

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