Jeremy Renner's Presence Becoming Even More Common

April 28, 2011


With the pervasiveness of Jeremy Renner rising exponentially, it's no surprise that he's already lining up new ways for us to see his inescapable gnomish face for after The Avengers, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol, and The Bourne Legacy have left theaters. He'll soon be lending his distinctive(?) voice to a character in the next Ice Age, and after that, it sounds like he's going to do a Steve McQueen biopic.

Having co-created The Combine--a production company that will guarantee us a never-ending stream of Jeremy Renner films--the actor has hired We Own the Night writer James Gray to bang out a screenplay using Marshall Terrill's books on the deceased McQueen as reference, and video director Ivan Zacharias is attached to make his feature debut with this. Renner, naturally, is going to take the lead, without even so much as considering Daniel Craig's reel. Still, this could be a pretty interesting film--especially if it doesn't hold back, and we finally get to see all the dirt behind McQueen inventing an awesome bucket seat.

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