Johnny Depp Returning to Popular Street Address, and More

April 25, 2011


- Johnny Depp has agreed to return to 21 Jump Street with a brief cameo in the upcoming movie remake, a passing of the torch symbolic of Jonah Hill becoming the next Johnny Depp.

- Director Joss Whedon says filming on The Avengers began today, so hopefully these Thor and Captain America movies turn out alright because we're already going on a second date with these dudes.

- Hello, Future: we'll probably soon have glasses-free 3-D screens in luxury cars and airplanes, for when an image being a foot from your face still isn't close enough.

- Joel Schumacher is attached to direct The Hive, a thriller that focuses on an emergency operator, because Joel Schumacher likes shit about phone calls about as much as he likes Batmen and numbers as titles.

- Vera Farmiga has joined the cast of Safe House, the Denzel Washington/Ryan Reynolds action-thriller being directed by Daniel Espinosa. The film is already in production, so right now, somewhere, Ryan Reynolds is probably saying "Some safe house!" real sarcastic-like, because it turns out the safe house isn't very safe at all.

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