Keira Knightley Revisiting World's End with Steve Carell

April 1, 2011


Steve Carell and Keira Knightley in a romantic-comedy together? Sure, why not. Now that Steve Carell is free from the obligation of being TV Boss, he's reportedly getting back to the movie world with the Lorene Scafaria-scripted (Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist) A Friend For The End of The World, a film in which Earth's populace is forced to come to terms with the world ending, causing Carell's fictionwife to flee in panic. When a high school sweetheart contacts him to ask that they spend their final moments together, it sends our hero on a recidivism quest to hook back up with his former love, and he takes his neighbor (likely to be played by Keira Knightley) along for the journey. And THEY FALL IN LOVE, INSTEAD. At least that's what I'm assuming from my knowledge of formulaic romance and Deadline's claim "love blooms at the worst possible time." Probably better off that way, really. Facebook evidence would suggest the high school sweetheart was probably just going to show you photos of her kid and the results of a Harry Potter quiz, anyway.

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