'Kodachrome' Won't Be Our Only Film Named After a Paul Simon Song, and More

April 18, 2011

- Last Monday, it sounded like Let Me In director Matt Reeves was doing a They Lives remake, but now it seems he might instead be doing an adaptation of The Passage. "Is that inevitably something about vampires," you ask? Yes, of course it is.

- Winona Ryder and the ubiquitous James Franco have joined The Stare, a psychological thriller in which a playwright (Ryder) launching a new production is freaking out because she isn't sure if she's being gaslighted or going insane. Whichever it ends up being, as ever, throwing around wild accusations definitely sounds like the path to resolution.

- Sylvester Stallone has reiterated that, despite some apparent rumors to the contrary, he still is not directing The Expendables 2. No word on if the film will manage to get both Schwarzenegger and his exciting new The Governator character.

- Percy Jackson star Logan Lerman has signed for the lead in Seth Gordon's The Only Living Boy in New York, and will play a boy who ends up involved with his father's mistress. Any chance that this situation can be resolved with a couple lines and hilarious reaction shots, like it was in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade?

- Ut oh, Nick Cassavetes isn't directing that John Travolta-starring John Gotti biopic anymore. But, PHEW, Lindsay Lohan is still in talks to pretend this would be her big comeback.

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