Mark Wahlberg May Defend Hippies, Native Americans; and More

April 15, 2011


- Though Mark Wahlberg already has half-a-dozen films or so on his schedule, he's added a couple more projects to produce and possibly star in: the mob lawyer drama When Corruption Was King and a reboot of the '70s Billy Jack series. I'm just trying to think if Wahlberg would be more convincing as an attorney or as a half-Native American screaming from atop a mesa, wearing nothing but moccasins (assuming they work that Trial of Billy Jack scene in).

- Continuing on his apparent theme, Judd Apatow is rumored to be titling his Paul Rudd/Leslie Mann-focused Knocked Up spin-off This Is Forty. Unless Hallmark already has that titled copyrighted for all the times they've printed it on a hilarious birthday mug.

- Lionsgate has hired Highlander: Endgame director Doug Aarniokoski to direct The Nurse 3D, because someone has to bring nursing to the third dimension.

- Nestor Carbonell is in negotiations to return as Gotham City's mayor in The Dark Knight Rises. It's all hinging on if he'll finally admit he wears eyeliner.

- Mickey Rourke has apologized for saying his new film is "terrible." Next time he'll give a spoiler warning.

- HBO is developing the Neil Gaiman novel American Gods for series--which, combined with Game of Thrones' upcoming debut, has the other premium cable networks thinking HBO might be sort of a nerd.

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