'Melancholia' Trailer: Lars von Trier Does Heavy, Heavy Disaster

April 8, 2011


If Roland Emmerich is giving up disaster movies for historical thrillers, someone's going to have to take the end-of-the-world mantle from him, and with the arrival of this trailer for Melancholia, we now have the most unlikely candidate throwing his hat into the ring: Lars von Trier.

While the director drives his RV recklessly into self-parody with the title of his latest, the film looks both beautiful and relatively accessible, telling the story of the days before the Earth's destruction--another planet that was hiding behind the sun finally ambushes us, but the science somehow doesn't really seem that important--as seen through a family's intense melodrama. It's also, of course, leaden as all fuck, because this is a disaster movie Lars von Trier style, forced through his noose-framed mesh of human hair, sorrow, and Charlotte Gainsbourg's menstrual blood. Looks pretty solid, though, even if it does seem to be omitting all the requisite scenes of Keifer Sutherland convincing the President of the imminent danger.

As much as I wish the spoof comedy Disaster Movie never existed, now that it does, can we at least incorporate some of this in? Maybe for the scene with Dunst on the golf course, it can be Lindsay Lohan getting electrocuted instead? People HATE her!

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