New 'Hangover 2' Trailer: This Couldn't Be More of a 'Hangover' Sequel

April 1, 2011


Shaped from the same, now-dusty, early '90s quick-cash-in molds used to create Home Alone 2: Lost in New York and Die Hard 2: Die Harder, The Hangover, Part II is begging for a "Hungoverer" sub-title in the worst way. Confirming what's been suspected from the film's promotional material thus far, the latest trailer plainly lays out that this film is indeed the same MadLibs page from two years ago, now being filled-out with even wilder answers since mom whited-out the old responses for our latest road trip. Still, though, the Cooper-Galifianakis-Helms comedy trio could sell me the Brooklyn Bridge (as a setting for waking up hungover, without a friend and covered in various scars of the night before), and once again they've managed to make the exact same scenario look reasonably entertaining.

Besides, as I've explained, I think the series should go on ad infinitum, so let's continue with this part so we can get on to the chapters where they start losing people in space. Trailer!:

Good to see they thought to check the roof this time. They're learning through their alcoholic Groundhog Days.

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