No, Wait, Lindsay Lohan Will Be in a Movie After All

April 21, 2011


Having found a way to take what should be a single story about a part in a film and painfully prolong it just as ably as she has the rest of her post-career relevancy, Lindsay Lohan has returned to her position of supposedly acting in Gotti: Three Generations, and will ostensibly join John Travolta and Joe Pesci in the biopic.

Talk of Lohan taking the part of Victoria Gotti began early last week, but that was just a week after she was purportedly reading for a part in Zack Snyder's Superman movie, so no one was really taking it all that seriously--and our incredulousness seemed to have paid off yesterday, when that whole deal reportedly fell apart due to Lohan's people still negotiating as if she's somebody. Alas, the story continues, though, and already Variety claims she'll be in the film after all, only now as John Gotti Jr.'s wife Kim instead. And as if that's not enough Lindsay Lohan casting for one meal, the film's production company, Fiore Films, also got this flake to sign on to be in the similarly-themed Mob Street, an in-development film from a script from Chazz Palminteri. So it turns out Lohan's career isn't over, after all. It's just now Lorraine Bracco's old career.

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