Paramount Would Love To Make a Movie with a Cool Title Like 'The Martian Chronicles'

April 13, 2011


If last year's report that John Davis--the Fox-based producer behind Alien Vs. Predator and I, Robot--was taking on an adaptation of Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles still has you down, I've got some good news: Fox isn't going to make that, after all! Unfortunately, that's only because the producer has taken the project to Paramount instead. The studio has reportedly just picked up the rights to the story collection, and Davis--whose résumé also includes a variety of broader, non-sci-fi hits like Norbit, Marmaduke, Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties--is still set to produce. No writer is yet hired, but really, a catchy title like "The Martian Chronicles" should pretty much write itself in Hollywood. Some shit happens on Mars, and Will Smith emerges ruffled but victorious. That can't take more than a weekend to flesh out.

This won't be the first time a studio has attempted to capture the Martian settlers' various plights. In 1980, NBC and the BBC teamed up to bring the tales of Mars colonization to television with a Rock Hudson-starring miniseries, and in the late '90s, Universal and the ever-persistent John Davis (among others) tried to get a Steven Spielberg-involved feature film going. That obviously failed to come to fruition, though--even in a climate fertile with developing Mission to Marses, Red Planets, and Ghosts of Mars--so now Paramount has the chance to bring Mars to screens the way Ray Bradbury always envision: through 3-D glasses. And, hey, who even says this new Martian Chronicles even has to take place on Mars? Euromerica, anyone?

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