Shane Black Will Write Some 'Iron Man 3' After All

April 25, 2011


Earlier this month, when Marvel revealed they'd hired notable writer Shane Black to direct yet someone else entirely to write Iron Man 3, it was starting to feel like Dad bought an XBox just to play his Paul Simon CDs again. They've got this great action-comedy writer working on this thing, and there he sits gathering dust, horribly underutilized, while this other guy bangs out the screenplay. How frustrating you were being, Marvel! Or so it seemed at the time. But according to Cinemablend, reports of Black's writing non-involvement have been exaggerated, and several sources have confirmed that he is, in fact, at the very least co-writing, and the studio may have only brought in Drew Pearce as a co-writer to make sure Black's oft R-rated dialogue doesn't skew too blue for the Disney family-friendly mandate. So the good news is you're getting a Shane Black-influenced script after all; bad news is this one likely won't contain reference to Drew Barrymore's vagina.

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