'Sleeping Beauty' Trailer: They Forgot the Cute Mice Sidekicks, Added Disturbing Eroticism

April 14, 2011


Oh, how quickly Emily Browning has somehow been typecast, going straight from the strange, dangerous brothel of Sucker Punch and into another, this time in Sleeping Beauty, playing a girl caught up in a bizarre prostitution service that delivers old guys the beautiful, sometimes completely comatose young girls their rich, eccentric penises so desperately need. So, yeah, it's not quite as strict an adaptation as the Hailee Steinfeld Sleeping Beauty we're getting. But first time director, novelist Julia Leigh, still injects enough subtle beauty into the whole affair that even as a girl is downing enough sleeping pills to suitably tranquilize her for this grandpa to mount her, this thing still looks headed to the Criterion Collection. Maybe it can lighten the mood after watching Salò.

Here's the trailer. Don't go watching this at work now, guys.

Man oh man. That Hanes Her Way commercial sure went sour fast.


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