'The Change-Up' Poster and Red-Band Trailer, Though the Poster Really Says It All but the Taint and Poo Jokes

April 21, 2011


Yes, it's exactly what it looks like. Married-with-children Jason Bateman switches bodies with single asshole Ryan Reynolds. Two of our most generally likable actors have been placed in the thoroughly unlikable position of taking the tired, married-guys-trying-to-act-single comedy of Hall Pass into the realm of clichéd mysticism that is the strangely resilient body-switch genre. And you know why it happens? Because they piss into a fountain--which is either the tritest, When in Rome-iest explanation possible or a reasonable metaphor for the film's contribution to the cinema pool.

Anyway, you get what you're getting into now, so let's spray some baby poop into Jason Bateman's face already...

Alright, Jason Bateman, you've got The Switch and this within the span of two years. No more synonyms, please. And, Leslie Mann, it wouldn't kill you to stop being the Alwayswife for a bit either.

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