These Guys Also in 'Dark Knight Rises'

April 13, 2011


Now that we've cast all our Banes and Catwomen and all that, you may think we'd be running out of major casting announcements for The Dark Knight Rises. Not the case! Have you forgotten the crucial role of "rookie cop who is looking to make a difference"? Someone has to make a difference, guys, and it's going to be Diego Klattenhoff, who just nabbed that part. That's him above left. Doesn't he look like he wants to make a difference? You don't defiantly put your hands on your waist like that if you're just going to go with the flow of your more experienced cop superiors.

In addition to Klattenhoff--and yesterday's announcement that Rescue Me's Daniel Sunjata will have an "important" part, which it turns out means "courageous special forces operative"--Torchwood's Burn Gorman, too, has been cast in a supporting role, though the exact character hasn't been revealed. Probably because it's Riddler.

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