'Three Stooges' Budget Descends Further: Sean Hayes Is Going To Be Larry Now

April 5, 2011


Remember when it seemed like the Farrelly brothers somehow got Sean Penn, Jim Carrey, and Benicio Del Toro to play the leads in a Three Stooges movie? Well, now they've got the fat guy from $#*! My Dad Says and the unrelentingly flamboyant guy from Will & Grace.

In their continuing effort to drive the comedy's expectations down to network television levels, the Farrellys have cast Sean Hayes to play Larry Fine in their upcoming film, adding him to the production after weeks of Larry casting rumors that ranged from Justin Timberlake, to Larry David, to, most recently/arbitrarily, James Marsden. Will Sasso is already set to not stretch himself that much to play Curly, while the role of Moe is still up for grabs--though Hank Azaria was most recently talked about for the part, which would fall in nicely with their apparent plan to cast all actors with experience in a primetime sitcom supporting cast. Now that he's got an open schedule, maybe see how Jon Cryer looks in a bowl cut?

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