'Akira' Casting: Keanu Reeves Now Frontrunner To Play Teen Motorcyclist

May 6, 2011


A couple months ago, when it was rumored that Garrett Hedlund, Michael Fassbender, Chris Pine, Justin Timberlake, and Joaquin Phoenix were the group of actors in contention to play Kaneda in Warner Bros.' Akira adaptation, the reaction was strong. More specifically, it was, "Have you guys even seen Akira? Seriously, the leads are supposed to be teenagers, and Japanese; not Joaquin Phoenix. What is wrong with you assholes?"

Well, the good news is the part probably isn't going to any of those people. Keanews is it might be going to Keanu Reeves. THR reports the 46-year-old actor has been taking meetings with the studio about the part, and while his casting still doesn't make a lot of sense for the anime's original, faithful take on the manga, I guess it at least tells us what form this deformed adaptation is taking. Like, I guess we're supposed to think it's kind of sad that Kaneda probably just bought a cool, futuristic motorcycle to feel young again in the face of greying hair?

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