'Akira', 'Drake's Fortune' Don't Have Directors Anymore

May 26, 2011


So, remember how Book of Eli director Albert Hughes was supposed to be making an Akira adaptation with 40-year-olds, and David O. Russell was making a completely out-of-character video game adaptation with Drake's Fortune? Well, forget all that, because it isn't happening anymore. Hughes and Russell have now left their respective projects, both supposedly "amicably" and due to "creative differences," per usual. Bad news is, Warner and Sony, unfazed by either the abandonment nor the generally mixed-to-negative public sentiment surrounding the direction their adaptations were taking, are resolutely moving forward and are already on the lookout new directors. Good news is, now Hughes and Russell have the whole summer free to just party with friends. Let's make it the best summer ever, directors.

(see: Deadline & Variety)

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