Bruce Willis, 50 Cent Will Continue Collaborating

May 4, 2011


As an outsider looking in at the beseechingly straight-to-video trailer for the Bruce Willis/50 Cent vehicle The Setup, you'd honestly think the two would be eager to leave that painful experience behind them and return to acting in some of the world's biggest action films and Vitamin Water commercials, respectively. Not the case! Those guys got along just famously, so they're going to go ahead and make another movie together, this time trading in The Setup Ryan Phillippe for Josh Duhamel in Fire with Fire. The indie drama, being produced by 50 (always encouraging), centers on a firefighter in the witness program who receives a threat from the man he's testifying against and decides to take things into his own hands. Variety doesn't mention who's playing which parts, so for now just picture a lot of shouting at a melodramatic final stand-off in a burning building, and we'll work out who to cheer for later.

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