'Conan O'Brien Can't Stop' Trailer: Self Deprecation, Self Pity, and Funny Songs

May 23, 2011


While Jay Leno's 2010 return to The Tonight Show gave a nation's dads back their Headlines to fall asleep to, NBC's fickleness created a media fiasco and left Conan O'Brien without a job and unable to work on television for nearly a year. In the face of such adversity, O'Brien--not about to lose his cred as our greatest purveyor of ursine self-pleasure--quickly organized a 30-city tour, all the time being followed by the camera of Leprechaun 2 director Rodman Flender, who assembled the footage into a feature documentary. Here's the trailer for that:

I can't wait for Leno to hit back with a documentary about how he's got all these sweet cars.

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