Conan's Marcus Nispel Directing Something Involving Backs, Masks

May 9, 2011


Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) and Friday the 13th (2009) director Marcus Nispel's latest remake, Conan the Barbarian, still has another three months before audiences are exposed to a decidedly less-Austrian take on the character, but already Nispel is ready to move on to a new project--and it's one that won't even require a parenthetical mention of year-of-release! Working from an original idea of his own, cinema's one-man cover band will next direct a horror film called Backmask. The apparent transient/Will Ferrell character/Kris Kristofferson? will be shooting this one for a budget of only $10 million, from a script by Kirsten Elms, and with a producer from Paranormal Activity and Insidious who will bring along his talent at making low-budget horror almost offensively profitable. Nispel refrained from revealing exactly what "Backmask" refers to, but did mention the film involves "paranoia, possession and the paranormal." And it better also involve a mask that, when wore on the rear torso, creates a grotesque living face that demands to be fed human souls, or we all want our moneys back.

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