First, Hazy Look at Two (of Three) Stooges

May 24, 2011


Well, despite the existence of this hilarious novelty item that allows one man to effectively play all three stooges at once, the Farrelly Brothers have gone ahead and cast three separate guys to play the buffoonish trio, and have dressed them up in little wigs to make a Three Stooges movie. With shooting just beginning in Atlanta, On Location Vacations got a first look at Chris Diamantopoulos and Sean Hayes in costume as an eyedrop-using Moe and matted-down Larry, respectively. If you want to know what Will Sasso will look like as Curly, do a Google Image Search for "Will Sasso", and that is what he will look like.

Also from the Three Stooges set, busty villainess Sofia Vergara tweeted some photos of herself covered in bruises for a car accident scene. Here are those photos, in case you are James Spader in Crash.


Still, she's doing alright besides the disfiguring hematoma.


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