'Furry Friday': You'll Wish It Was a Simple as Fetish-Based Casual Friday

May 24, 2011


What do you get when you take the re-emergence of the body-switching comedy, the timeless popularity of talking CGI pets, and studio executives' continued obliviousness to the modern connotations of the word "furry," then hand that over as a stack of notes to the co-writer of Puss in Boots? I'll tell you what: Furry Friday, a comedy New Line has hired David H. Steinberg to rewrite!

Working from a spec script from Cathy Schulman and Adam Stone, Steinberg will be reworking an idea about... oh, god... a dog and a cat, who switch bodies. Like Freaky Friday, see? But with pets. Because at this point the whole conceit of Look Who's Talking Now! is so commonplace, so mundane, that in addition to pets talking, we now also need another, arguably crazier supernatural component to our talking pet films or they are just going to look like assholes out there. What a world.

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