'Grease' Actor Jeff Conaway Dies at 60, and More...

May 27, 2011


- Jeff Conaway--known best for prominent roles in Grease, Taxi, and Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew--died today after spending two weeks in a medically-induced coma. He was 60.

- Orlando Bloom's previously-rumored part in The Hobbit has been confirmed by Peter Jackson. He'll be reprising his role as the prettiest elf.

- John Cho figures after being in remakes of sci-fi classics like Star Trek and Solaris, he might as well be in the remake of Total Recall, too.

- Elijah Wood has joined the Rashida Jones-Andy Samberg romantic-comedy Celeste and Jesse Forever, and will play Jones's business partner who attempts to be her "saucy gay friend." Ah, like how Andy Serkis played his thin, touchy, jewelry-loving friend in Lord of the Rings. It all comes full circle.

- Have a nice Memorial Day.

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